March 15, 2020

To users of this website,

This website went live in April 2010 to provide self-directed investors (who bought my new book Buy DON’T Hold, at that time and thereafter) with an easy way to follow my ETF relative strength investing strategy,  BDH Dashboard of market indicators and a specific portfolio of  ETFs.  Weekly blog updates of the strategy and its performance have been provided ever since.  Moreover, refinements and simplifications were made to the original strategy in the book and shared with site visitors.  The entire strategy with key data links are provided in the blog so that you do have to go to other sources to gather the necessary information and interpret it.  All of this has been provided free of charge since inception.  I have not accepted any advertising on the site to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Over the years, I’ve spent a few thousand dollars
paying a web designer for the original website, updates, and annual servicing
contracts.   In addition, I have spent
hundreds of hours researching the refinements and writing the weekly updates.
The book royalties over that time have not covered these out-of-pocket expenses,
and recent book sales have been minimal, as the book has aged.

Therefore, I have decided to request your assistance
in keeping this website going.  If you
feel that the website and blog posts have had value to you and you would like
to continue to access it in the uncertain times ahead, then I would appreciate
receiving your financial support of $25 a year of service.  That’s  $0.48 a week!

I will provide those individuals who provide
financial support with interim  Dashboard BUY and SELL signals during the
week as they occur, the Top 5  ETFs to
purchase.  Those who choose not to
support the site will be provided with a less detailed weekend blog, and the
Dashboard  BUY and SELL signals will be
on a delayed basis.  I have to make this modification
since it is not fair for non-supporters to receive the same level of service
without supporting the site’s continuation. 
Of course non-supporters can obtain some of this information on their
own using links provided in prior blog posts. 

If you would like to support the site for one year starting APril 1, 2020
ending March 31, 2021, then please mail me a check, send $40 cash or use
Paypal.  I do not have the capability
credit cards.  That  would cost me another $1,200+  to change my website to allow log-ins and to
setup a payment option. I cannot afford to do that.

Please use the Paypal category “friends and family,
NOT “goods and services” or I will receive less than $40, as they take out a
fee if you use the latter.

To send me funds using Paypal use only the following email address:

Please make your check payable to: Les Masonson

5550 Witney Drive, Apt. 312

Delray Beach,FL 33484

After May 10, 2019, mail check to:

Les Masonson

20 Mansion Ridge Blvd

NY 10950

Thanking you very much in advance for your continued
interest and support.  If you would like
to contact me regarding this request, please email me at  DO NOT send PayPal funds to this email as it
will not work.

Make sure to provide your email address with your payment.

Anyone who subscribers after April 1, 2020 will still be charged $40 and will  receive
this  service until March 31, 2020 to make my bookkeeping simple.

Thank you for your

Les Masonson

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